Cashback Application

Redefining the cashback experience through one simple platform


Gambling Deals


User Experience Design,
Digital Design, Strategy

The success of any digital product is guided by the people that use it. 


Increased retention rate


Additional sign ups per month


Mobile usage increase

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A platform designed to transform an entire industry.

The world of online gambling is a thriving industry that entices millions of users every day across the world. Gambling Deals have turned the model of online gambling on it's head by producing a loyalty-based platform that provides cashback to anyone that loses a bet.

We worked collaboratively with the London based company to redesign and relaunch their platform with a refined focus on their user experience. We started with a meeting to discuss the ethos and background of the project. At this stage, we really wanted to do our due dilligence on the platform, we believe in working with purpose driven companies and after the first call with the guys at Gambling Deals it became clear that this wasn’t your average gambling website, these guys wanted to disrupt the industry for the good as opposed profit from it.

Establishing digital consistency.

Digital styleguide.

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Understanding the user.

Our first step was to understand the user. We analysed and built an experience strategy through research, user feedback, user stories and data analysis. As a company, Gambling Deals had a number of goals throughout this process and we were able to adapt in order to cater for specific challenges. We were primarily focusing on creating an overall better experience for the customer in order to build up retention and conversion for the platform and add value to a customer’s journey and ongoing engagement with the application. 


How are customers accessing the site?


Re-thinking the user experience.

The success of any digital product is guided by the people that use it. Throughout the analysis phase we proposed a number of solutions to improve userability and retention of users. 

The key elements we wanted to address were:

  • Educating the user
  • Demonstrating product value
  • Consistent styling
  • Improve mobile/tablet conversion


The solution.

Our approach was to develop a flexible solution that would be just as accessible for people at home as it would be for people on the move.

Optimising for value and conversion.

Building trust in a brand is important when creating a user-focused application. We worked closely with the Gambling Deals team and the existing data to create a conversion and value optimised customer facing website. 

Early in the project, we decided that putting the user first would always remain a priority. With this acting as a key element, we designed and prototyped concepts that would communicate the key benefits to a first-time user in the most intuitive way. One of the main ideas was situated around scrolling, the team worked together on a number of concepts, demonstrating the value of the application to first-time users, with the aim to generate higher conversion rate of users. 

On the move.

Due to the ‘on the go’ nature of the platform, we wanted to provide an intuitive experience for hand-held devices. It was paramount to consider the differences between engaging with the platform on a large screen and how it differs from access on a tablet or mobile.

Experience for all devices.

We strategised and designed a bespoke onboarding experience for mobile devices so that we could maximise retention and user sign ups. Our main challenge was to educate users on initial sign up to the service, it’s commonly known that users attention span is becoming less and less with technology nowadays, this is mainly due to industry leading applications developing and refining bespoke user experiences. 


Consistency is key.

Disruption to mainstream industries is becoming more and more common with the rise in tech start ups looking to make their mark on the world. The difficulty with platforms such as Gambling Deals is that you not only have to consider the functional aspect of userability but you also have to retain users attention and engagement. We decided early in the project that keeping consistency of design a priority was going to be a crucial element to the application. As we set out to redesign Gambling Deals we spent a lot of time thinking about how users would want to engage with the platform.